The first century church adopted a benevolence ministry instantaneously. Early in the book of Acts we are given two descriptions of the church that indicate an emphasis on benevolence (Acts 2:44-45; 4:32, 34-35)In fact, it appears that a benevolent spirit was a predominant characteristic of the early church, and there were two primary ways the first century church administered benevolence. One was through ministries of healing (Acts 3:1-10; 5:16; 9:32-42) and the other through ministries of provision (Acts 6:1-6; 11:27-30). It was through their benevolent ministries that the church offered healing for the hurting and met the physical needs of the less fortunate. As emulators of the first century church the Scenic Hills Church of Christ seeks to do the same.

Food Pantry


In an effort to provide for the physical needs of our community we host a food pantry. Our food pantry consists of dry and canned goods.. It is open to the public every Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00a.m. At present, a household may return every four weeks to receive assistance. A form of Identification and completion of some paperwork may be required.

Service Projects

In an effort to assist our members who are enduring debilitating circumstances - such as an illness and the loss of a loved one - we conduct a ministry that provide meals for them. As a means of organizing our efforts we use Click on the above logo or adjacent link to access the meal schedule for one of our members using their last name and the assigned password.